At The Axe Shoppe we are committed to growing the community that surrounds the sport of axe throwing and the camaraderie that it is known for. We have begun the Axebassador program with the intent of working with individuals that have an unwavering passion for the sport with the intention of growing the sport and community even further. 


Fran "The Franimal " Lopez  - Instagram @frantasticfinds

Fran Lopez

     The Franimal, as she known at The Axe Club of America in Charlotte North Carolina, Throws 3 days a week and is the admin of the popular facebook group: The Sport of Axe Throwing. Her current high score is 77 and is itching to get her first 81.  

Rachel Lorae- Instagram @rachelorae

Rachel Lorae

     This badass momma of 2 is deadly accurate with an axe. Based in New Jersey she throws both NATF and is the #1 female in the WATL. Her competition axe of choice is a vintage Plumb National and is a member of 'The Ladies of the Axe' and Elementz Axe Throwing team. 


Brian Brummitt - Instagram @Irishcop911

Brian Brummitt

      Brian is a retired police officer and is currently an axe coach at Urban Forest Axe House in Bentonville,  Arkansas. Brian has a deep passion for the sport of Axe Throwing as well as the various axes that can be used in the WATL and NATF leagues. He currently has 6 different axes he uses and can teach you all about and how to throw them.  

Kelly McMinn- Instagram @yourneighborhoodwerewolf

Kelly McMinn

   Kelly is currently an axe coach at LA AX in North Hollywood California. He has competed against some of the best axe throwers in the world at this years NATC in Toronto and has set his sights on winning the whole darn thing. If you are in LA AX look for him, he is the guy wearing a kilt. 


Casandra Stankewitz- Instagram @rubijeep4x4

Casandra Stankewitz

     Casandra is a Veteran of the US Army, so she knows a thing or two about discipline and camaraderie. She is a natural talent at throwing axes. She quickly joined a league at You Bet Your Axe in Elkton, Maryland and has become the #6 ranked female in the WATL standings. Her axe of choice is a Prandi 600 gram German style Hatchet. 

 Sean Pardue- Instagram @parduesean

 Sean Pardue

Sean is proof that having an impressive beard makes you talented at throwing axes. He began throwing at Urban Axes in Durham North Carolina after watching the WATL championship back in December of 2018. He quickly joined the winter league, finished second during the season and won the Championship. Sean throws a 14" Council Hatchet that he customized himself.