Helko Werk Pathfinder |Meets most Competition Requirements & IATF

Helko Werk Pathfinder |Meets most Competition Requirements & IATF

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Handmade in Germany
The Pathfinder is comfortable to hold, well balanced, and unfailingly dependable.  It performs well at making kindling, limbing branches, general yard work, and is a reliable camp or packing tool.  The hammerhead poll may be used to drive tent stakes and perform other light hammering.  The head is buffed and polished to a reflective finish that reduces cutting friction and improves rust resistance.   

- Head Weight:     1 ½ lbs.
- Total Weight:      2 lbs.    
- Bit Length:          3 ¼ in.
- Handle Length:  15 in.

- Hand forged using a drop hammer on open dies
- Premium grade C50 high carbon steel
- 53-56 HRC (Rockwell Hardness)

- Sustainably sourced grade A American hickory
- Individually selected for grain orientation and density
- Boiled linseed oil finish, 150 grit smooth sanded
- Hung with hardwood wedge and steel ring wedge​

What's Included
- 1 oz. bottle of Axe Guard protective oil
- Vegetable tanned Leather Sheath